Las Vegas First Choice Business Brokers

Las Vegas First Choice Business Brokers

Las Vegas Business Broker at your service.  As the age of the baby boomers is getting more near to retirement that ever before we are seeing a great number of great businesses built in the day of yellow pages and hard work being closed down.  These businesses are well established electric companies, restaurants, Gift Shops and more. Some don't even think about selling them. They built this small or even rather large empire of their own.  This thing that started with maybe a truck, some basic tools and a will to provide the services. This entity has taken on a mind of it's own and to these business owners, this entity dies with them. But, does it have too?  We offer Las Vegas Business for Sale. We are a Las Vegas Business Broker that works for the buyer and/or seller to ensure that everything is done correctly.

Baby Boomer businesses often have little to no debt, a broad client base and is well established.  We need more Millennial entrepreneurs in this country to realize what a gold mine this is. Often times the old owner is will to stay in for a brief set time to help facilitate the transfer of ownership.  After all, they spent their entire life building this business and most of the time are happy to see it go on. Baby Boomer businesses are well established but they were built by the later generation. This is a great foundation for the new millennial style or coming in and perhaps adding features that are more to the modern day world that the older generation may not have thought of.  Las Vegas Business Brokers are here to help with this.

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A Business Broker is essentially like a real estate agent only for businesses.  I work with with establishing the value of a business from the customer base to the inventory and lead generation things in place.  Sometimes we work for the seller and the buyer, just as in Real estate agent. We are here to make this transaction go smoothly for everyone involved.   A business is built from the ground up takes a ton of hard work, a bit of hope and a splash of luck to get it to take off. For a company to reach a level of stability, there is a ton of trial and error involved and theories tested.  This business doesn't even have to be that old, it could be a well established concept that took off well and is maintaining the momentum early on. Whatever it is, it happened do to dedication and hard work. Don't just close up shop or sell on your own to the wrong buyer that doesn't understand all that is involved.  Use and expert Las Vegas Business Broker.

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Ready for retirement or to move on?  We can help! We offer Business brokering services for the city of Las Vegas, NV.  Dream to be a business owner but want to skip the really hard years of concept and development?  We can help. We have well established businesses in the city of Las Vegas ready to find a new owner.  There are many reasons sellers are getting rid of their business. Some sellers are retiring, after many years, however, other sellers are the type that likes to take over drowning companies and turn them around.  These companies could have not weathered the recession well, or the original owners just hit their ceiling of knowledge and didn't know where to go.

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Do you love the idea of taking the reins to a business on the rise?  Or maybe your a business owner already that loves the challenge of a company that hasn't seen much growth and just needs some breathe of fresh air given to it.  There are all kinds of businesses out there. What is right for you? Are you looking for established and just needs a good management skill? Perhaps you have a skill that you can offer like Plumber or Electrician.  Business Brokers Las Vegas are here to work with you for your business needs.

Do you have Las Vegas Business for Sale?

Why use the a Las Vegas Business Broker for your Las Vegas Business for Sale?  Because we are here to ensure that you have a smooth transition as both a buyer and a seller.  We are here to answer everyone's questions and establish what the business should be priced at.  We will go over everything confidentially and dig deep into what the value of the inventory, overhead, location and everything that makes your business unique.  Every business has it's heartbeat and that's what we are after. What makes your business tick and will be continue without you, the seller. Will the new owner need your services for after the sale, to help understand it all, and if so, for how long and at what cost.  

Value your Business for Sale in Las Vegas.

Location is a huge in business and this needs to be considered.  The actual building or is it a rental, what are the online real estate establishments, meaning the websites, social media and such and how are they ranked.  There is just so much to go over before selling that this alone can get very overwhelming for a person that doesn't do this everyday. Keep in mind, we sell businesses all the time.  We know what to look for in a service business vs a retail business. There are certain factors that must be evaluated to establish a fair price for both the seller and the buyer. Our main job is make this transaction as smooth as possible.  We want the business to not suffer at all over the transfer of ownership. And, if you are busy running the business you simply don't have time for the entire processes of finding a buyer, determining a price, looking at the options available.  That's where we come in. We facilitate everything, with your permission and decisions

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So you've built a company, retail establishment, service.  This business has a customer base. It contains inventory and has established itself.  And, now, it's time to sell. You enjoyed the building process so much that you'd like to have a try at it again.  Maintaining an established business seems tedious. But, what is going to keep you from getting taken by a buyer? As a buyer, are there systems in place to ensure it is safe?

Well, yes and no.  We have some great systems.  And, these preparation sheets and evaluations can certainly be helpful.  Along with escrow and established safety nets. Getting a Business Broker is a must to establish that the laws are followed.  A simple handshake is not going to be enough. Just like real estate. This is not super simple to transfer ownership. This is a big sale and needs some rules in place.

Determine the value of inventory.

Simple things like determining the value of inventory can get overwhelming.  Say you have a product that you purchase for a $1. and you sell it for $1.20, what is your markup?  Did you say 20%? This is the answer for most people. Did you know that it's actually 83% and this is not a huge on a dollar.  But, put it at $100,000 and your talking some serious money. Where do you find this information? In the businesses profit and loss. Most people don't know or understand how to determine the proper mark up of the business.  To clarify, to determine what the markup is, take the wholesale price and divide it by the retail price. That's the difference, make it a % by moving the decimal over. To figure out the wholesale price, take the retail price and divide by the %.

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The above is important in determining the established price a new buyer for a business in Las Vegas should be purchasing the established goods.  One the set amount for the business is agreed upon, we usually send in a crew to establish the amount of goods in the establishment and multiple this by the %.  This is an easy example. Think of a store that sells many different items. This can get a bit tricky. The example could be a simple perfume store that we see in Las Vegas.  But, what if it was a general store, with liquor, clothing and snacks. Each items may have a different markup based on what the market can carry. Some things offer a much higher markup than others.  A good established price must be found in order to have things sell. And, in fact, did you know that sometimes something can be priced to inexpensively? That's right, it's called perceived value.

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Perceived value is what the general population would expect to pay for your goods or services.  If your too inexpensive, then, they may perceive the value as less than others. The quality isn't as good and there must be something wrong with your goods and service.  This is a "thing" in the retail industry. And, this is something that you, as a new buyer, would need to understand as well. Establishing the retail price is usually a science and this may be something you'd like to discuss with the previous owner.  

And, as any market, it is buyer and seller beware.  We have seen and/or heard of some interesting things sellers and buyers have tried to pull.  We try to help wherever possible, however, we have seen things like the seller go in and raise all the retail prices, trying to get more for their inventory.  Things like this can be easily figured out, so please just don't try it. Let's try to be adults and be fair.

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When buying a business you need to understand the motivation of doing so.  Are you looking to buy a business to establish a prestige? As, many business owners are looked at as a higher member of the community.  Perhaps you looking to get that piece of real estate for a business you already have going, maybe combining the businesses? Income wise, are you purchasing to make an income, retirement money, something to do, like a hobby?  There are so many levels of business that can be established as well. And, levels of involvement. Do you know what kind of business interests you? The role you see yourself playing in the business? These are some important questions to ask yourself.

Are you looking to keep the business in Las Vegas or maybe move it to another city all together?  Yes, established businesses can be moved without terrible disruption. Such as Payroll services, or online companies, Telemarketing, publishing, trucking and more.  These businesses don't necessarily have a retail location that the public uses. This opens up a totally different group of buyers for your Las Vegas business for sale.  

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Owning your own business is something that many people dream of, but don't know where to start.  The idea of working for oneself is something that intrigues many but most won't even try it. It takes quite a bit of capital to start from scratch and often times getting loans is a risky job and they are readily available.  However, to buy a business in Las Vegas that is already established is a great option. This business has customers, vendors and lead generators in place. It has a history that will lend itself to loan options, even more so than anyone expects.  Perhaps an expansion of your new business could even be funded. Maybe the business is a retail location for product but doesn't have a strong online presence. With the proper business plan, this could be funded by a low interest business loan and essentially double the size of the business.  

Being a business owner is very possible in Las Vegas today.  Business ownership is an exciting, intellectually stimulating, and financially rewarding job.  Being your own boss and making your own way in the world has something to be said. It has a sense of accomplishment like no other "job" out there.  So, ask yourself, why not be your own boss?